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Welder Parts & Service

The Most Comprehensive Welder Service Package on  the Market

We are committed to the tradition of building the best welders in the world. As part of this pledge, we offer several types of service to maintain and improve the capabilities of your Sciaky welding system throughout its operational life. Our highly trained field  service engineers are strategically located throughout the nation to provide  you with the best, most efficient and cost-effective solutions. We take pride  in offering the most comprehensive service package in the business.

Repair:   Genuine Sciaky welder parts and factory-trained service personnel provide the  expertise to quickly resolve your machine problem.
Retrofit:   Touch-Weld controls can be fitted to any Sciaky three-phase machine, providing  the user with state-of-the-art computer control. Replacement solid-state  rectifiers, firing control printed circuit boards, rewiring, and replacement  pneumatics eliminate obsolete components for improved reliability and precise  operation.
Rebuild:   Our factory rebuilds provide overhaul or replacement of major system  components, including transformers, controls, pneumatics and mechanical  systems.
Remanufacture:   Worn and obsolete components are replaced. Transformers are cleaned, redipped,  then baked. Machine controls, electronics and pneumatics are replaced with all  new equipment.
Training:   Sciaky's field service group provides operation, maintenance and programming  training courses at either your facility or in our Chicago factory. Whether the  system is old or new, our in-depth programs allow you to enhance your  operational quality, reliability and productivity.
Application Assistance:   Our process development laboratory provides contract welding services to assist  you in developing process applications.
Spares:   Sciaky has a complete inventory to provide you with everything you need to  maintain your welding systems.

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