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Electron Beam Welder Design and Manufacture

In partnership with SCIAKY & EVOBEAM GmbH, we offer the most expansive range of EB Welding Systems in the world

Electron  Beam (EB) welding is an excellent choice for applications containing refractory  alloys and dissimilar materials. Advantages of EB welding technology include a  high power density with very low overall heat input and, therefore, minimum  distortion. EB welded parts require a minimum of post-weld machining and heat  treatment, and, unlike other fusion welding processes, requires no shielding  gases. The weld quality is exceptional and the process is extremely efficient  (typically 95%), carefully controlled and fully automated.
EB welding technology offers the following advantages:
• Versatility to weld thin foils to thick sections (greater than 2.5"  depth-of penetration) • Multi-axis EB control • High ratio of depth-to-width • Maximum penetration with minimal distortion • Exceptional weld strength • Inert atmosphere (vacuum) • High precision and repeatability with virtually 0% scrap
                        Sciaky has been at the forefront of EB welding system design and manufacturing  for many decades. We have proudly built a reputation as EB experts based on hard  work and innovation. Sciaky’s internal moving EB welding gun is the most  versatile EB welding gun in the market. The multi-axis gun motion operates at  half the chamber volume of fixed/external gun systems, provides beam access  access for unusual joint configurations, and significantly significantly  simplifies part tooling.
                        For more information on Sciaky’s internal moving EB welding  gun, click here.
                        Sciaky also offers the most advanced external electron  beam welding gun on the market. For more information on our external EB welding  gun, click here.
Below  are some examples of parts welded using Sciaky's EB technology.
• Superconducting Cavities for High Energy Physics • Aircraft Engine Cases & Assemblies • Military Aircraft Components & Structures • Rock-bit Assemblies & Tank Tubes for Petroleum/Mining Diaphragm  Assemblies for Power Generation • Transmission Gears for Automotive & Truck/Off-Highway
                        To check  out a sample of EB welding systems from Sciaky, click here.  

To learn about a successful Sciaky EB welding system  deployment, visit our EB Welding Case Study page.

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