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RF Heat Sealing Equipment

Our Thermatron heat sealers sometimes referred to as RF Heat Sealers or RF Welders, provides the most direct means of heating and joining select plastic materials and assemblies for the automotive, industrial fabrics, packaging, medical, office products, and numerous other industries.

Thermatron does all phases of manufacturing in house, from the initial sheet metal to the final testing; all work is done in our facility.  Thermatron’s 100 percent control guarantees the highest quality product shipped from our factory to our customers....on time.  Many Thermatron machines continue to operate day in and day out after 40 plus years of use.

Our product lines consist of RF Heat Sealing Equipment from 1.2 kW to 40 kW and accessories such as Turntables, Indexers and Side shuttles.

Applications engineers are available to assist in customizing our RF Heat sealers to meet your specific requirements.

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