In 1942, Carl Bertsche Sr. completed his engineering degree at the University of Cincinnati and was commissioned as 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army. After Carl returned from WW II he worked for Precision Welder and Flexopress Company in Cincinnati and soon became their chief engineer.

At Precision, Carl was surrounded by talented peers. Since he possessed both talent and initiative himself, Carl decided to strike out and start his own company. In 1953, Production Engineering was founded with the goal of providing reliable production welding equipment to key manufacturing industries.

In 1977, Carl Bertsche Jr. joined the company after earning his engineering degree at UC and working for the International Division of Procter & Gamble for 5 years. Carl Jr. is the current owner and President of Production Engineering.

In 2011, John Bertsche joined Production Engineering after earning his buisiness degree at Cedarville University. John is our VP of sales and marketing, and is responsible for in-house sales and internet marketing.

We represent several equipment manufacturers and provide standard and custom built equipment for all types of production welding; including spot welding, projection welding, seam welding, arc welding, e-beam welding, and laser welding. We represent industry leading manufacturers who build RF sealing and Microwave heating equipment, and leading manufacturers of part feeding equipment.


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